Monday, July 31, 2006

im crushing on... Jef

more on Jef ===> here

Gabe Bondoc links...

found these. yey! =Poh, btw, i gotta thank Sherwyn, cos i wouldnt be listenin to Gabe if not for him. =P im kinda down, cos sumfin bad happened back home. but imma be strong. its nuffin. really. its nuffin. =P cheerios!

his myspace

im crushing on... Aldin

more on Aldin ===> here

im crushing on... Jaybo

Nippon TVC - Pringles

ok, now i want some. lol... =P

KENs "kiss of life"

still tryna look for the MTV unlpugged episode of KEN. post it soon as i get it from youtube.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

my fave line from SUKOB...

girl: kailangan ko silang tulungan mama
mom: hindi, aalis na tayo...
girl: pero ma
mom: ang BUS!

lol... fuck. im sucha dork. lol.

elianto, burn, sukob, break up...

recently ive been trying this new facial care product i bought the last time i went to MOA. its good. =P you should try it out. Elianto is a korean brand that found its way here. err, nothing much to say. just wanted to share it. =P

ill be attending HIP's launch for their new music magazine, BURN. itll be at Embassy. Hope to meet collaborators for artists in our agency. =P itll be this thursday. me friend told me to start thinkin bout clothes to wear. but im not really the fashionista kind of guy. lol. i love experimenting, but not something out of this world. i love japanese harajuku/shibuya/shinjuku kind of get-up. lol. try to share some of the links i found online.

so i went to this date, with a guy younger than me (as usual, lol.). we had dinner and we watched kris aquino's SUKOB. it was the usual chito rono horror flick. but id say it was better than the last one he did. throughout the film, my date was screaming out loud (prolly trying to let everyone in the cinema know that hes scared... lol), and he kept covering his eyes then never stopped asking me what happened. lol. crazy movie date. lol.

it rained the whole weekend. yey! i wanna walk in the rain...

i badly need a date for the new jennifer aniston movie "the BREAK UP". if interested, you may reach me at 0922 683 5887. hahahahahahahhaha!

im hungree. gotta go.

Friday, July 28, 2006

more on Gabe Bondoc... =P

hala, i think im falling for him... crap... GrABE si GABE. lol. more on him here ===> si gabe talaga oh... *sigh*

who wants to be a star?! =P

NetStarMaker is an interesting site for those who wants to be a star. =P to find know more about NetStarMaker click on this ===> *bling*bling*

im crushing on... Gabe Bondoc

fuck, hes awesommmmmme. i wonder where hes from? hes prolly a flip as well. coolie! hes awesome! =P

gotta know more about him. for a sec, thought it was sherwyn! lol. aighty... latez.. To see more of Gabe's performance, checkout this ====> GABE

im crushing on... Sherwyn

we usedta chat on MSN. but we both got busy. fuck, now he looks so diffy. i kinda like him back when he had his curly hair. so so cute! =P oh and yea, hes filipino but born in canada. just saw an awesome video. not sure yet if its him. ill go check. try to post it in a while. Come back to manila silly! lets see if you can make it here as an artist. your awesome with the guitar. =P Learn more about Sherwyn ===> here

im crushing on... Poohburr

Learn more about Poohburr ===> here

im crushing on... Tiggah

learn more about Tiggah ===> here

im crushing on.... Dan

first met him last year at a friend's place. i think they came from a date. or sumthin. lol. then last week, i was on the train, sitting across me was dan. pretended to not know him. why? lol. cos fuck, i messaged him once in DL, telling him "i think youre cute. =P". so yea. lol. im effin so sure i looked constipated, tryna look like im in a world of my own and that i cant see him. lol. hahahahahaha! crazy. Learn more about Dan ====> here

im crushing on.... MARK

lol. hes from la salle. first saw him in greenbelt. tried to get him for the agency. then after some time, we chanced upon each other again in a la salle party. lol. learn more on mark ===> here

im crushing on.... KEV

learn more about KEV ====> here

i write like a kid...

lol. ionno... after going through some of my friends' blogs, theirs are written in a way that needed comprehension and understanding. mines just spontaneous and stupid. lol. i like beng silly. ionno why.

anyway, earlier, i had lunc h with my ex boyfriend jc

the more time i spent talking to him, the more i realize that its better for me to not get back with him. not that i did have plans in the first place. =P so yea... we walked a couple of blocks in makati, then ate at this small private diner. it was a calm and relaxed "date". lol. hes still funny. lost a couple of pounds. lol. good thing he finally followed my advice. lol. so yea... his hair is longer. kinda unkempt. i had chicken, spaghetti, veggies and leche flan. lol. yey! =P

so yea. it was a fairly good date. cos recently, ive been having hyperacidity. yea. funny cos, everytime i think of this one guy, i get hyperacidity. hes uberly cute, but hes with someone equally cute. so yea. darn it. lol. my friends say that my hyperacidity is all but a physical manifestation of jealousy. lol. ill talk about him sum other time. when im at ease with the idea. lol. so i guess it was good timing for me to finally find my antacid (jc). lol. i need someone wholl make me not think of that person who gives me hyperacidity, even for half a day. =P

im hungry again. i guess ill have to eat, my sinampalukang manok from manang fe. lol.

kudos to you manang fe. lol.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Strawberry sex with Ken? hmn... lol.

My first taste of Ken

This was the first video i saw of Ken Hirai. I fell in love immediately. i will try to post the rest of his videos. lol. err... or if you want, youtube also works. lol

im Effin optimistic... =P

crap. i suddenly realized how optimistic i really am. lol. i still believe that ill end up with someone as hot as Won Bin. lol. im such a dork, dreamin bout all sorts in life. lol.

but seriously, somehow theres this very VERY little voice that tells me (hahahahaha...) that i do deserve someone just like Won Bin. lol. oh well. i just hope that crappy voice is right, or ill hafta sing him out of my head. lol. oh, youll know what im talkin about soon as you hear me sing. lol. fuck, im hungree. lol.

Forests... and then trees...

Men are like apples on trees.
The best ones are at the top of the tree.
Most boys don't want to reach for the good ones because they are
afraid of falling from above and getting hurt. Instead, they just get the rotten apples
from the ground that aren't as good, but easy. So the apples at the top are left
thinking something is wrong with them, when in reality, they are amazing.
They just have to wait for the right boy to come along, the one who's
man enough to
climb all
the way
to the
top of

Old Xanga Post # 2

Just finished eating KFC Chicken steak, my fave staple food for now. came back from Noisy Neighbors to talk about some projects were cooking. excited about it. i havent had much time to work out lately, ive been planning with ym friend Honeybeej, or "B" as he is referred to lately, about goin back and doin a round shot at the Uni. But the lazy asses are at it again. so we decided to hold back and move it to this friday instead. tomorrow, ill be buying tickets for the Jason Mraz concert at the NBC. nice nice. but sorry, it aint for me. hahaha! im buying it for one of our models and his friends. so yeah. i really like Jason Mraz.

Lately ive been listening to Salena Jones - Lets Fall in Love. someone from new york sent me an mp3, which i have been falling for for the past few days. the other day, the isp came here to upgrade our line. funnee thing, everything seemed slower now. haha! but yeah, maybe its just me.

As usual, ive been fiddling over my numerous files on board, and i chanced upon a snap shot ive taken last year when i was at De La Salle with a friend.

so yeah, it was a snapshot of my shoe. lol...

the other night i was at a creepy fast food... went in and read on thorugh their menu, everything sounded delish. so i decided to order... this is what i got.

hahahahahahaha! a big big big HAHA to me and my apetite. i almost died when i saw what i ordered. oh well. =P life is but a plate of value meals, youll never know what youll get. =P

Old Xanga Post # 1

im single again. though im ok with idea, im just starting to miss someone again. well hes not in manila so i guess i should be feelin this way at all. im upset. the other day, i was talkin to him and he sounded indiffferent. i guess i shouldnt be feeling bad about it. i will never blame him. it was my fault why we broke up before. i wasnt strong enough to keep a relationship with all that distance. i miss him bad right now. and the thing is, i can actually feel it. i miss him bad. i really do. and no matter how many times i tell myself how much i miss him, it will never help me. i really think i shuold be stronger. i really think that i must forget him. and not think of him at all. thats the only way i can really move on.

im talking to several guys now. all of whom are not in manila. vell, not in the Philippines even. it pains me that my last relationship brougt much trauma to me, that i feel i can never be physically intimate with anyone i love. im really upset now. but no matter how bad i feel, hurting myself or even the thought of punishing me never came into my mind.

i fear that i might be hurting someone throughout this process. me loving all of them at the same time. i wanna be loved. badly. i need to be loved. im upset. i miss you so much. if youre reading this, i just want you to know that i miss you so much and im sorry for all ive done. im really sorry. i want you bad. but i am not strong enough to give you what you need. im really sorry.

my friends see me at a fun and easy person to be with. a person who has everything planned out. but sad to say, i am not. i too dont know what to do with my life. well not entirely. i do know what i want. i just do not know how to get things done.

i am wishing and praying that soon as i wake up next year i have a strong sense of how to get to where i wanna be. that love was never really my strengths and that i can live with out it. i was watcing DOWN WITH LOVE the other day. it should remind me of how i should be. without the happy ending.

i love him so much and i miss him. i really do.

hahaha! my guys4men profile. =P

err.. i am often hungree. id love to eat more often to gain sum mass. anyone here knows howta cook? lol.

err.. message me if you wanna meet up...

i love everything that is japanese. lol.

ideally, you must be younger, more mature, chinito, has nice teeth, at least as tall as me. fit. lol. basically someone ridiculously awesome that hell take my breath away. =P i hope that aint too much to ask.

" Please Lord, id like to meet someone not mayabang. someone i could introduce to my folks. lol. please? =P "

itll be cool if youre also smart and articulate.

sorry. but i dont like pervs.

ive been played at several times. i dont know why, but sometimes i really think bad things do happen to good people. that, or im just plainly stupid. lol.

i met this guy. hes an accounting student. i really really really like him. but i dunno what to do. i kinda told him how i feel. it remained unreciprocated. so i guess yea, i got dissed again. lol. the weird thing is somehow i know that he wouldnt like me, but still i chose to tell him how i feel. what doesnt kill you makes you stronger or at the very least wiser. so yea. however, i feel weaker and not a degree (is this the right unit or should i use quotient? lol.. oh crap, nvm) wiser.

funny how all my life i have always wanted and desired japanese/korean looking guys. all the guys ive been with are japanese/korean looking (at the very least fair), but when i met him, his being grounded/humble and affectionate took over me. but uncertainty always haunt me. prolly cos ive always been played at that i (unwillingly) learned how to be overly cautious.

i miss him bad. real bad. but the more i try to communicate the more i feel distant with the way he talks to me. crap. i dont like this. i read somewhere about closing cycles. is this the time for me to close this one and move on? id do anything to know the answer.

i feel bad. real bad. im jealous when i shoudlnt be. we are not together, so i shouldnt. but i do feel jealous. crap.


My life no longer revolve around you. i deserve someone who will take me in his arms and love me more than i could ever know. i did my part, i dont need to wait for you to consider me. i need someone who will demand my attention and show eveyrone how much i am appreciated.

im closing our cycle.

it is time for me to move on. stronger and wiser, i shall rise from this cycle. that is what i love about my relationships with people. i always come out the winner, no matter how the situtation dictates the outcome.

its time for me to start looking for my Samurai. lol.

fuck, i love Japan.


koko ni okama no mise arimasu ka?

otoko ga suki desu k?


boku wa, daijobu desu ka?

hai, daijobu desu. watashi wa okane ga arimasen ga, daijobu desu ka?

ii, ii, daijobu desu. shabuttemo ii desu ka?


Wednesday, July 26, 2006



new blogskin

crap. i hate it. lol. so ill change it again. lol.


we were together the longest. 18months. then he beat me up. so i left him. we planned our lives together. i thought hed change so i kept silent. but i guess 1o times is enough? lol. fuck im so optimistic. lol. my friend told me, "bad things happen to good people.". then i thought, "that, or im just stupid. lol.". he cooks good. i missed it when hed cook for me. hes the first guy i introduced to my family and relatives as my boyfriend. lol. fuck, the things love would make you do. lol. i took him to our farm. he took me to theirs as well. i missed the feeling how hed drive me around the barrio, buy stuffs on our way back home and cook dinner. i missed lots of stuffs we did together. *sigh* risks. i am not certain if i am indeed risk-averse. lol. time will tell. =P


hes the guy from down under. met him in friendster. we exchanged messages and email for quite sum time. then we started chatting on yahoo messenger. went on cam. and immediately, i fell in love with him. such a sweet sweet sweet guy. i was the happiest guy on earth then. *sigh* he went back to manila during their school break. we met in SM Megamall, while his mom is shopping there. i was effin freaked out. i didnt knoe what would happen so yea. and i fell in love again when i saw him. the following night we met. i missed the rain. i had to break up with him cos i dont think i can go on living that far from him, now that ive known how it is to live with him so so close. dammit. missed him much. so so much.


hes from la salle. hes sucha penguin. =P hes my second boi. was a member of the dlsu pep. what else? uhm, he now works for a call center. in ortigas. still living in bf intl? i wouldnt know. i loved the corned beef their katulong would prepare for breakfast everytime id sleep over. lol. his tita is in japan. so he speaks little nihongo, which was a major turn on for me. cos I LOVE JAPAN. lol. one day, we woke up and then he turned to me and said, "Ayoko na." lol. and i was like, "ok."

heart aches

well, my heart is aching. crap. i dont like how it feels. its like im having a hard time breathing. fuck, im so maarte. lol.

can i just say love a thousand times or till i get numb and totally go sick the second i hear that word again?

im no drama queen. but now , i think im better off like one. err...

can someone just cook sum mean pasta, and pour in sum rat poison, without me knowing?

im not suicidal, i think murder is a better option. but i have to be cute when i die. i dont want yellow froth oozing out of my mouth. well, i dunno how exactly one look like when they die of poisoning. ive been watching CSI my life and maybe i missed one episode which showed exactly that. crap.

i have to keep talking till im no longer mad, or jealous? hahahahahaha!

i should go date five guys in one day. lol.

i dont wanna spend more than one hour with a guy who is not attracted to me. but hey, at least i get to meet more people. and if they really like me, then chase me. lol. if not, its ok, investing an hour with me is worth it. =P

crap. i hate it when im like this. fuck. lol. can i just pop 300 balloons? lol.

i saw this episode in japan TV shiet. they were showing something about this store that is made up for customers to just tear down. lol. i wish there were shops just like that here in Manila. lol.

im hungree. lol.

i gotta write more. next time.

missed me?



Monday, July 24, 2006

silly mcwilly

hes my fisrt boi. lol. hes from singapore. really really cute. lol. smart. went to canada and broke my heart. but were friends now. =P missed him much. call him silly mcwilly. lol. crap, im sucha dork. lol. hes a fireman now. super cute. =P

its raining men...

so today, the rain brought in more than the usual good things. so there was the cool weather, then there were men in uniform. lol. today is july 24, 2006, the day PGMA was scheduled to hold the state of the nation address (sona).

an urge for me to go out was too hard for me to hold back. so i did. lol.

i put on the usual cargo shorts, blue adidas poly tank top and my moms old polo. lol.

i went out the village, and there were people all over. crazy. the rain stopped so yea.

so i started to walk towards the convergys building. it was aight. more men in uniform. lol.

then i hadta cross the avenue cos they blocked out the road for NPAs. lol.

so yea, i went in convergys building, and yea, there were more men in uniform. lol. all of them lying around waiting for something bad to happen. lol.

so i went in this net cafe, cos my connection back home was nasty, to check sum porn. lol. kidding. so yea, i had to empty my inboxes. lol. and yey! there were more men in unifrom, playing RPGs. they all look so cute. lol. if only all men are like them. too bad i cant take photos. lol.

so yea, todays a good day, it rained men. yey!

amma scoot, im hungree. lol.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

this is where everything started...

so yea, ill start writing na. i wont care na if i write silly stuffs, cos normally i do naman. so yea.

im always hungree. lol. id really love to meet guys who can cook. itll be cute din if you try to cook for me. lol.

my next posts will be about my past boyfriends. lol.

so yea. lol. i wont talk trash bout them. maybe share some of my thoughts about life and relationships. lol.

crap. im hungree. anyone here knows howta cook?