Saturday, February 24, 2007

my very first VIDEO

i knoe its very dorky. i will try to post one video of mine for every thousand hits i get. lol. this is a nice way of checking my progress. cos you know, i been sick lately. losin weight. i hate it when i lose weight. sigh. i try to eat a lot lately. but i dont get enough sleep. ill post this video, then hopefully after 1000th hits ill post another one and see the difference in tersm of mass gained and muscle definition. hahahh. im so effin vain.

i was andres place a while ago and was told that hes been atendin dance classes. coolie. ill try to post a vid of a blog friend of mine tiggah. he dance well with his equally hot boi poohburr. when andre goes to the US, will try to introduce them to each other. cos Andre wants to learn from Tiggah. the moves and all. hes been studying under EUJay, a guy from new york or cali? dont know much. will post a new vid of andre next time. visit his blog

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

im crushing on... Daniel

its better than addiction... crushing on someone you dont know is fun. no worries. haha. melt me with those eyes. the pout. im lovin. stupid things make me crazy. simple things make me yearn. haha, i was watching tv yesterday, then i chanced upon Imelda Marcos. she said "in this world, there can never be no excessive beauty, but there is extreme ugliness." - sa mundong to, walang sobrang ganda, pero merong sobrang panget. whatifikissyou?

im crushing on... Austin

im loving the faint smile. tease or no tease. uh... tease please... =P

im crushing on... Bedboi

ive never liked oil on my skin. it makes me feel warm. my face is always oily. lol. good and bad. good cos i wont get wrinkles that early. bad, cos my friends say "an oily face is a sign youll die young...". die young? hmn... will i be cute inside a coffin? i dont wanna look all wrinkly and shit when i die. told my sister ages ago to make the mortician do a faint smile on me. lol. cos if id show my teeth smilin, when im dead. uhm... its sorta freeky. lol.

im crushing on... TannJan

i wonder whats ?

im crushing on... Flexxit

just saw this somewhere. if this was taken two years ago. i wonder how he looks like now. hmn...

im crushing on... Random Boi

its been a year...
ive learned how to daydream again...
im glad youre back...

im crushing on... Daniel

so im on the ground. staring at the sky. watching clouds hurry across and chase each other. playfully they take my attention away from the busy day that it was. the faint voice told me to close my eyes and forget bout my worries. i surrendered. i lost my way in a deep deep slumber... suddenly, i felt a tug on my feet. slowly i opened my eyes... looking down on me, was a glimpse of heaven... whatifikissyou?

im crushing on... Daniel

its official. im on worship mode with this guy. lol. sigh... i can only post one photo at a time... its just too much to bear... omfg. hes so cute... all the teddies can die off and i wont worry so long as Daniel is there... xoxoXOXOxoxo whatifikissyou?

ken ken ken

i love ken hirai. i dunno if you know that yet. but yea. if i were to be married off to a japanese guy, i want it to be him. haha. and now that there more information coming from japanese newspapers and networks about him being gay. let just say its not yet official. lets not hurry him. hes not ready yet. lol. uhm, gay guys who arent officially out yet are sort of... hot. lol. shiet, im sucha dork.
uhm... ive always wanted to be japanese... ken is so effin hot. sigh...
uhm... ken is hot. and there are some photos of him that makes him dorky. which really turns me on. lol.
hes so hot. just dont make him dance. please lord. lol. ok, let him if he really wants to. but may i have a blindfold. i love him still. i wanna lie down beside you... and forget about tomorrow. dont you love it? lying on the ground. facing the clear blue sky. not thinking about tomorrow. letting the warm summer breeze roll over your skin. beads of sweat. dry air. i love ken.

im crushing on... Lt. Ehren

hes an asian-american soldier being pursued for refusal to be assigned/drafted to Iraq.

im crushing on... Kat McPhee

see more of Kat here.

wider please

i made my blog wider. lol. i dunno. so longer stuffs could fit in. lol.

some random photos. hahaha. head shots here....

head shots there. i gotta post shots of my puny little body soon. but im scared itll make me look, slutty. im not a slut. ive been busy with work and sick. i wanna finish the website soon. so i could start working on other things thats been lagging. uhm... what else. im hungry. like the usual. i had chikkin and "pansit" today. haha. im hungry again. im broke. uhm. i dont want to be a player. being to cautious and being a player can be easily confused with each other. lol. most of my friends dont agree. lol. but inno. i just dont wanna get played at again. but, being with players... make things... exciting... i just need to meet someone so effin perfect, hed make players look so plain. lol. take my breath away... please? whatifikissyou?

Monday, February 12, 2007

im the False Messiah?

its been a while since i started writing down my post. haha. ionno. maybe being a year older has something to do with it. or maybe me being so busy trying to forget ill be older has kept me from writing down random thoughts. there are so much i would like to write down here, but i fear my family and friends are not ready to read them. i think i should move away from posting photos. haha. i mean, posting photos with no texts on what i feel at the moment. im hungry ive been trying to eat lots. gain weight. i was sick for four days after christmas and five days after new year. so yea, i lost weight. hmn. i hate it. i feel so skinny and fat at the same time ive been meeting guys. haha. i want to write about people ive met and what we did and the stupid things ive done lately. lol. but im scared they are at times too private. just this afternoon, i was with my friend gino, and i saw his friends blog. this guy was my college "friend". we dont really hang together. he with a different crowd. id say hes one of those guys youd bump into each other say hi and check up on how things are with him, bid goodbye and then walk about and start thinkin about your busy day. that was how we were in college. i sensed theres something about him. told all my friends from college but they wouldnt believe me. then this afternoon, i confirmed all my suspicions. lol. oh well. for three days i had a crush on him back in college. then like the usual me, it faded away. haha! i still remember how we talked about masturbation while eating together in mcdonalds. lol. well, it wasnt even close to a date, we just chanced upon each other, and me being the jovial and friendly guy, and decided to share the table. lol. funny. oh well. i cant describe what im feelin right now. so weird. lol. oh well. at least my gaydar was in tune since college. i was right all along. lol. tonight will be the first day of UP Fair. its an annual thing at the univeristy of the philippines. a big thing. 20,000 people go every night, filling the entire sunken garden. imma go there. prolly date someone. haha. then mess. ionno. lately ive been really promiscuous. gino, is the only guy who knows lots about my adventures. lol. hes a funnee guy. fun to be with. this morning, gino showed me a test site i took the test and heres my result.i guess being in a relationship with players has turned me into one. ive been played at all the time and i guess, life has turned me into someone i really hated. lol. im sorry. i didnt mean to laugh. i dont like playing with guys. its bad. but i cant help it. i like them, then i fall for them, then i realize, ill just tear them into pieces. so i start to move away everytime things start to be "too perfect". sometimes, i just like goin out with guys. then they fall for me. then i just walk away, not knowing that they "loved" me. its weird. im sorry. im being mean. im not even cute in the first place. lol. well, ionno why i play with them. thats why i kinda like going out with players. cos i like playing along. but at times, they even fall for me. so i dunno. maybe im destined to be single. or ionno. crap. i need someone to take my breath away. someone strong smart and affectionate. i need to be with someone before i turn 19. lol. or ill have to celebrate my 18th birthday again next year. lol. im going back to school this june. im going to study. my mom wants me to fix my passport and go to chicago. but, ionno. its lonely there. manila is hella fun. so i guess ill just study again instead. take up fashion design / clothing tech or education, and be a teacher for highschool. lol. well see.

Andre Free Running?

ive been following my friend Andre's blog. haha! here youll see him free run. or yea wutever that is... lol...

Friday, February 09, 2007

Apollo the Comic

my friend apollo decided to come up with his own blog. hes been promoting himself as a comic. i think hes a sexy comic. hahaha. a funnee hottie. haha! heres a video of him talking...

you can find more about apollo on his website.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

My birthday coming!

hey its my birthday this saturday! haha! im turning 18 now. haha! ive been 18 for 6 years now. haha! so yea. i gotta post new photos right? here there are. =P uhm.. i wish that i hit my 5000th visits before my birthday. link me and make posts about me. haha! =P only if you wanna. everythins cool howevers. =P

Andre sings again...

My friend Andre, whos an awesome singer, posted a new video. haha! hmn... im thinkin of requesting a song for him to sing. haha! anyway, you cant see more of him at his website