Thursday, November 30, 2006

Stormy Stormy...

i heard on the news that theres a strong typhoon that will hit the Philippines. So since i was online already, i decided to check if they have online satellite feeds. i was able to get hold of how the Philippines looked like at this hour. i just hope everything will come out fine. tonight, it should hit Manila, but i think its hitting the central part of the archipelago. too bad, cos they dont have mountains to screenout strong winds. im scared for my friends in the Visayas. i hope theyll be ok soon after the strom pass. i guess ill have to pray tonight, before i hit the sack. latez...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

my Google Analytics Geolocation

Google Analytics is a fun and powerful way of tracking your websites acitivity. I gotta start understanding most of the tables there. lol. too much information, and i still dunno what to do with them. So domestic visitors of my blog says most of you who view my blog are from either Rizal or Manila. hmn... does that mean there are more gay guys in those areas? hmn... lol. why the hell are there few guys from where im at? so thats why i hardly get to date people from my area. lol. crap. i gotta go out more often. lol. but im too lazy to go out for dates. lol. convince me. lol. latez.. i gotta sleep now. i need rest. i cant be sick no more. sigh. gimme medicines. sigh. latez... nyt as well...

im crushing on... Sky

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

im crushing on... Schizzz

im crushing on... Donn

im crushing on...RayRay

im crushing on... Andre

im crushing on... Phillip

im crushing on... Ryan

im crushing on... Lance

im crushing on... J

my eyes are hurtin... and im hungry...

i dunno what to do with my eyes. theyre hurtin lately. when i got back to the Agency after todays audition, there was a this guy whos givin free eye check-ups. but ionno, i was busy soon after i got in. so i never got the chance to have my eyes checked. ive never worn glasses my life. my mom has one, same with my sister. so ionno. ugh. i hate glasses. although i can look more dorky if i have one. hmn... now im considering having em. lol. crap. im hungry. i miss belmont chocolate chip cookies. sigh. i should stop eating lots and go start jogging again. i dun wanna have a belly of sorts. i will start working out harder. push my self harder, till i pass out or sumfin. i wanna cook something. prolly spaghetti, but after my post. i gotta put up more of my crushes. lol. latez... =P oh, you can try subscribing to my feed so you wont hafta check my site everytime. although you checking my site aint bad as well. well, its all up to you. send me an email. lol. but u ionno. lol. im hungry.

im crushing on... Danny

im crushing on... Topher

im crushing on... Louie

im crushing on... Chris

im crushing on... Vinny

im crushing on... Michael

my head hurts...

so i went to accompany Apollo to the audition for the hosting job of the Dolphin show at the Mall of Asia. i dunno why, but soon as i stepped into the venue, i started having a runny nose. ionno why. maybe its the dust the weather and everything in between. woke up early this morning again. im starting to like being a morning person. too bad, i was caught in the middle of a heavy jam on my way home from the Agency. my head hurts. i hate it. ive always had colds since i was young. i dunno why. i hate it. ugh.

im crushing on... Brook

im crushing on... Don