Monday, January 29, 2007

im crushing on... Ryan

im crushing on... Andrew / Dawson / Ken

i promised not to say anything...

my friend Joven

since i got no new photos to upload, heres some of my good bestest bestest friend Joven...he went to Embassy with some of his friends. here, you see him... uhm, i dunno what hes doin. lol.
joven with, i think his friends' friend. lol.

you see joven and al jean barrymore, the one holding the cig. uhm...thats it. gawd, i need to post new photos of me... *sigh*

some last year photos...

this is my fried ginowe. lol. hes good in origami. lately ive tried origami cos of him. mines real bad, big time. haha! hes one hella funny guy. he can imitate that creepy character's voice from LOTR, the one who keeps sayin, "my precious...".crap, i dun remember.

hes ginowe, doing some crazy face. err, hes usally crazy. his beau george-ina must be one really tough guy to keep up with ginowe's antics.
this is kes, juno, ginowe and me... uhm... thats it. haha! oh wait, i think we went out for a couple of drinks after having dinner.
this is one of the dish we got from the Armas. paella?
casa armas in makati where we had dinner...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

its me again

i just look different everytime... taken last year...

my friend Mikal's website

my norwegian model friend Mikal, recently set up his own networking website. you can check it out here ===> DateAtFistSight.Com

if youre wondering how he looks like.. heres his photo.

random Marko

this is me taking photos of my shoes. using the old phone from last year.

my friend alvin took this photo about december last year. we were on our way out to do shoots for a project. taken at the hallway by the agency.

well, this is me in Makati City. funny how i look like im some tourist taking photos. err. im sucha dork.

thi is me at Tropical Hut. was on our way back to the office after the shoot. was hungry. it was the nearist fast food. so alvin and i decided to grab something quick.

some of Marko

Andre Sings!!!

my friend andre sings well, im one of his night out with friends, he was asked to sing on stage. a friend took a video and here it is. watch it! =P

you can view his blog here ==> ANDRE

Friday, January 05, 2007

happy 2000th hit!

im happy cos ive reached 2000 visitors. haha! and thanks to teazed, and oyga and all my blogging friends. uhm... ill rework my blog soon. im excited. haha! if you are into asians, try Guys4Men. heaps of cute and hot asians. see you there!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

im crushing on... tiggah&pooh

theyre one hot couple and shit, i was bloghopping today and i chanced upon tiggahs blog. but i wont tell ya. hahahahahahah! kidding. just read about my blog and youll see it. lol. its been three or four years that ive been crushing on them. a friend from cali gave me a photo. then i ended up downelink friends with both, then... crap im talking like a kid that got his wish on christmas day. i think i just should shut up. lol. much love to this lovely couple. they always remind me that being single sucks. lol.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

im crushing on... Alex

how do i look like when im drugged?

hahahahah! browsing through old photos. this was my photo from last years party at a friends place. well, im not really drugged. just sort of drunk. sort of getting there, but aint there yet. lol errr... funny how i normally look like this everyday. hahahaha. stress?

i love Rockets!

i love always remind me to reack for the stars... ill make a shirt just like this... awww... lol.. dork.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

i like rainbows...

i wanna make a shirt out of it. haha.

so funny. myHeritage

so my friend Honey, did something ridiculous. he used my photo to find out who my celebrity look-a-likes are. hahahahahaha! cant help but laugh at the results. interestingly, my crush Won Bin rated as the one i look like the most. haha. coolie. maybe this is love. lol. could we be soulmates? hahaha. fuck, im a dork.