Friday, March 23, 2007

meet... ionnoBoi

meet... Err

meet... Uhm

meet... OneTwo

err, i really dunno is name... and for the rest of my posts. its they reel bad, im sorree... im just too dorky to think of nice ones... sigh...

meet... New

this guy is funnee... :P

meet... Him

meet... Josh

i dunno if i posted these already. oh well...

meet... Dennis

since i promised someone i wont have crushes on anyone anymore, ill start posting photos of my friends' crushes. lol. tootsie roll. :P

Would you like to be driven by him?

looking at this photo reminds me of my ex boyfriend when we went to his province. he drove me around town as we bought stuffs as we were preparing dinner for his family later that night. uhm, it was a saturday afternoon. maybe around 3pm, the sun was strong and the air was warm. i felt safe beside him. i like feeling safe. lol.

now, i feel safe again. tootsie roll. yes. tootsie roll. :D

photos from bEE

first photo was at shang makati's lobby. lol. was meeting blendy and bEE. uhm. of all places... funny thing, we werent even staying at that hotel. lol. oh yea, i remember why we went there. blendy had to use the.... id rather not say. lol. uhm, i look different here. ionno why. uhmm. i always look different. this is bEE aka keka baldemeca aka hooneybee aka bj aka booj aka b. uhm. taken at coffee bean gateway. after we watched dreamgirls. im hungry now... imma eat first.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Beauty Pageants

Konnichiwa! Watashi no namae-wa Maruko-san dess. hope i said that right. lol.

im sort of a fan of beauty pageants, and ionno why, but i thought it was a dorky way of doing a segway for the Top 10 Visitors by Country. lol. im sorry. im really bad at this. lol. *kiss*

since i am going back to the Uni to study, i guess i was right to choose to study Linguistics and Major in Nihonggo. O yasumi nasai!

A BIG Thank You!

Thanks to google analytics, i know who to thank. =) i would like to thank these friends who has helped drive visitors into my blog. much love and respect. will do a series of special posts on you and how much i appreciate your blog. until then. *hugs*

my 3rd vid for my 8000th

for that big 8000th. lol. im hungry. laterz...

old Christmas season Photos...

Weeks before christmas, my mom and my sister decided to go out for sunday lunch. This is me being dorky at the park. lol. with Mr. teddy, which my sister bought for me. :P
say hello to mister teddy. lol.

me and my mom, goin through the menu at a local restaurant.

er... the weird do. ionno why its like that. lol. i look diffy and iffy here. lol.

im crushing on... Andrew

Remember how much i love dorks? Andrew is one perfect example. Hes one hot dork. And hes hella proud of it. *giggles* You betta run fast, hes hot hot hot in the market.

hey Andrew! lemme knoe if you dun wanna have your photos here. But you did say yes. Remember? :P

im crushing on... Caleb